Tuesday To Do's...........

Managed to get a few things accomplished today, like organizing my coupons, having maintenance fix a leaky pipe in the bathroom, and such before having to pick up the King at school this afternoon. It is always nice to have things in the Ta Done column of the To Do list!

Of course, there are still a ton of things to "accomplish" Silly things like getting the Christmas Decorations down - once it warms up enough to get the lock moving on the shed, or reorganizing the linen closet, which is always good for "fun".   Add to that the need to re-clean the Master Bath, as the maintenance folks pretty much destroyed it, and I can see how my Mom never seemed to be completely caught up on everything!

When the King came home from School, he was in quite high spirits.  Full of energy, and vim and vigor (or p*55 and vinegar, your choice!).  A couple of hours later, I noticed that one of his ears was red.  Shortly thereafter, Capt Oz quietly said to me "Hey, he feels warm".

So out came the thermometer, 100.3 was recorded, kissies were given along with Motrin, and halfway through dinner, the King walked away from the dinner table, laid down on the couch and immediately crashed.

I will take his temp tomorrow a.m., but if his past history is any indication...somebody is probably brewing an ear infection...which means I think care and cuddles have now been added to the Wednesday to do list.  

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