East of the Sun....and West of the Moon

Over the weekend, I fell behind on my housework, to the point where it almost seems overwhelming.  The problem with a small apartment like we have, is that a couple of trips through a room by the boys (all of them) means the place is quickly put into disarray.  That is, unless I spot clean about 4 times a day.

Yes, I know it is a monster that I have created - they know where their coats go...NOT on the dining room chairs, but in the closet.  Yet they walk past the closet to throw them down on the dining room chairs - along with tossing everything else that they might have been carrying onto the dining room table (that is my clutter spot). Then miraculously (four times a day) these things disappear to their rightful home.  (Only to then hear "Where is my coat?" Umm..in the closet....where I put it four times a day maybe??)

But, as I often do, I digress.

This morning, my plan was to tackle the living room (and the seven coats - grin), along with the kitchen.  Both have made it into the "yuck" category. But I knew I needed some motivation.  So I went to an old "fall back" to get me moving - the same one that my Mom used to use around the house.

No, I didn't demand that the kiddos and Capt Oz put their things away (although that was always a good fall back of Mom's!)....I popped some Big Band music onto the player and off I go.

Right now the melodious strains of Frank Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey Band are wafting through the house - keeping beat with the dishwasher that is now running.

And somewhere, East of the Sun and West of the Moon.....I will build a house so lovely, just like my Mom used to....and get the coats put away in the process.

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The Girl Next Door said...

Awww this made me cry a little. And glad my kids aren't the only ones who grumble when they can't "find" their coats because they are where they BELONG. No Thanks To Them....