Hilarious...but kinda mean.....

I am working on eating healthier, dropping a few lbs and upping my exercise routines (from none to some - is that considered upping??), all in an effort to become a little more healthy, lower my blood pressure, and perhaps get rid of the heart medication.  Okay, I know I probably won't totally go off the meds (doctor approved) but at least give it the old college try!

In one of my Mom groups, I stumbled across this hilarious (yet slightly mean) Dr. Phil "Motivational Poster".  

It totally reminded me of my brother RF.  See, I could thoroughly envision  him saying that to me - after he calls me P.F. (pigfats) of course.   Yes, brothers bothers are amazing sometimes aren't they.  (Yes it sounds cruel that my brother called me PF....but he only did so because I have it on good authority that Mom loved me best.  My Authority?  Um...My Mom!  DUH.).  

A post script to my gentle readers - PF is now a term of endearment - and really doesn't "hurt" as much as it used to.  I love my brother dearly (and my sister CP who also used this term o'love for me), and have "forgiven" them for the damage they caused to my psyche by calling me PF.  And besides...if it bothers me that much....I can always sit on 'em.

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