One back....one to go....

Got one back to relative health (the Cadet)....with one still to go (the King).

The Cadet will be returning to school this morning (yay!) after missing 3.7 days of school.  He will arrive back home with lots of homework to be sure (okay, I am kidding myself, what makes me think that the kid who never brings homework home would do so now??!).  I am just happy to see the imp back....

The King?  Well, he decided last night that he just had to go to school this morning because if he didn't he would miss the "Jump rope for Heart" Party and that.wasn't.happening.  I was saddened to inform him this morning that a 100 degree temp (at 5:40 a.m.) means that he wasn't jumping anywhere...but back to bed.  He was devastated that he couldn't go to school, and to show me his displeasure, he promptly fell back to sleep.

The whole week was shot with sick kiddos - but that is okay.  Being home and not working has definitely made this whole event much less stressful for Momma Oz, and much more comfortable for the boys.  And that is what it is all about.

****Updated at 10:30 - The King has strep throat.  I guess that makes the house a virtual pool of virii (okay, I know the plural is viruses....but virii sounds cooler) and bacteria huh!   Well...now it all smells like Lysol....***********************

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