One of those weeks.....

It is again, one of "those" weeks.  Just mesh everything all up from October, November and December, and you come up with Monday through Wednesday (so far!).   What do I mean?  Well....

  1. Monday, the Cadet woke up with a 101+ temp.  He appeared (over the weekend) to have captured the cold that I had last week, but with the temperature spike, I was thinking not so much.  He was absolutely whiney and achey (which, when sick is NOT like him) so I took him off to the Doctors where he was diagnosed with RSV.  (Respiratory Synctial Virus). For those of you Moms out there, yeah..it is the "cold on steroids" that little ones get before they are two.  Seems my little/big one hadn't had it.  And it threw him for a proverbial loop.  Was able to send him back to school this morning (the temp broke yesterday morning and was simply hanging around 99.3 without Tylenol.....) but he arrived back home this morning at around 10:30 wiped out, coughing, and feeling awful.
  2. Monday, the Van started its ticking routine.  Yup...must be time for an oil change!  (Grin....seriously..there was only 2100 miles since the last one).  Of course, the van is in major need of brakes....and tires (which is a grand that will have to wait for quite a while)...so we just parked the van for a little while...figuring we would take it down for its flush and fill oil change later. (Bad mistake....baaaaad mistake).
  3. While getting the cadet moving for school this morning, the King wandered out into the living room and announced "My froat (throat) hurts".  He climbed onto his brother's lap and the cadet whispered to me..."He feels Hot mom".  Great.  Pop in a fresh thermometer....99.1 reads the King's tempy.  Faaaaa-buuuu-lous.  I guess the upside is that the King is off school today (Teacher in service day).  Shove some tylenol down the King's throat.  Oh..and this is how my cold started last week.  Aaaannnd this is how the Cadet's stuff started over the weekend. By the end of yesterday, the King was running a 102 temp...thankfully able to be controlled with Ibuprofen.
  4. Decide to run over to Mishawaka to Sams Club this morning after I got the King's fever down.  Got about 20 miles down the toll road, and the car overheated.  Managed to limp off (thankfully Captain Oz was with us...day off!!).  Put in some antifreeze....it all blew out in 5 minutes.  The good news?  Our car insurance carries roadside assistance.  Called the tow truck.  Called a friend to pick us up (because the Cadet, while home, wouldn't be able to use the van to pick us up due to the ticking!! Remember I said.."Big mistake"...that is why)  . An hour and a half later, home, and the car was towed off to a small shop near where it died.   The problem?  The Metal Rod in the Heater Tube had blown a hole through the side.  $180 bucks later (it was more labor than parts), we are back cookin with the Taurus.  But that pretty much ate up the whole day.
  5. While exiting our friends car, I slipped on the snow (My landing foot went out from under me).  Torqued my shoulder pretty good (or bad), as I was holding onto the door jamb and stupidly didn't let go.  I think I did some rotator cuff damage since I have forward and backward motion, but can't seem to raise my arm away from my side.  I will probably end up having to have it looked at by the Doc - funny thing, I already have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Why?  Because as we were dead on the side of the road, the Doc's office called and said "we need to see you on your BP/heart med.  Your last pressure wasn't what the Doc wants to see (I had it taken when I was there with the Cadet on Monday) and we may need to up your medication." 
  6. While eagerly awaiting word on the car, Captain Oz took the Van for the oil change.  Can I get a yay....the Oil Change worked. Which was good, because that meant Captain Oz and I could use it to go off an pick up the car that was (now) 25 miles away from us.  Yeah, I know...i also said brakes and tires...but any port in the storm right?  (The van is back "parked", awaiting tires and brakes).
So see....just like October, November and December.  Sickness, Injuries, Car and van troubles.  But lest you think that I am defeated....fear not!  There were plenty of good things that came out of all of this.
  1. The little shop that fixed Capt Oz's car?  While at some bit of a distance, the two folks who run it are very familiar with MGBs too (they had one in there they were working on) and were very honest guys who remind me of my brother in law.  We may have found a new car repair place?  They also let us know that the "Check engine light" code is exactly what we had fixed in December, and the repair is under warranty at the dealership...so we will get that taken care of quickly. 
  2. My shoulder issue means I get to slow down a little on the housework and the like and spend a little more time reading and such.  
  3. The kids being sick means I too am housebound - which means I won't try to do too much with the shoulder....
  4. The ibuprofen is holding for the King, which means once it kicks in, he is feeling just like the raging ball of energy that he usually is.  (The cadet?  Well, that is another story...he is knocked on his butt with this one).
Here is hoping that we are getting all of February's "woes" out in this one week.......

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