How Inspiring.....

Inspired by The Girl Next Door and her adventures in cleaning her fridge, while SICK no less, this morning I have tackled a few jobs that I always seem to not want to do because they are a pain overlook.

I know, I know...another Saturday cleaning Mrs. Oz?  Yuppers.

So far, I have managed to:

  • Untangle the spaghetti cords that are tied to various game systems, cable box and tv in the King's room
  • De-cobweb the King's room
  • Pull apart my bagless vacuum and rinse out all of the filters - which are now laying out to dry
Not sure I am up to finding the red/green/blue cure for cancer though that is hiding the the refrigerator underneath the bottom shelf like The Girl ND....seriously....I'll just stick to finishing my laundry.

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Carol P. said...

C'mon out here and do some at my house?? You know it's crazy when you wake up on Sunday morning in the midst of a dream in the midst of a pep talk about code development velocity. We've got 3+ weeks of crazy coming up here, and I'm getting behind on the cleaning while dealing with chores, upcoming spring break and beyond.

Hmmmmm, maybe the kids will need to use up some energy and I can set them to the more extensive chores. Not that I'm *encouraging* such behavior, nooooooooooo. But yesterday my car got a bath courtesy of a 13YO who needed to put that energy to use in a manner other than pestrifying her sisters :)