Senior Basketball Game

Although his sports of choice are wrestling, soccer, hockey and baseball, the Cadet put aside his love for anything BUT roundball, and joined his Class of 2010 Compatriots in the Senior vs. Faculty Basketball game. The Faculty downright schooled the Seniors (despite the youngsters having 6 varsity basketball players on their team). Of course the average height of the Faculty was significantly higher thanks to the Commandant who stands at 6'6"+ (6'-12" if you believe the legends....here he is in grey..you make the call..the cadet is 5.9).

That being said, the kids had a blast, and the Cadet enjoyed himself tremendously.

The Commandant, and the Cadet...who is scoffing at his favorite Math teacher.....who kinda schooled him...but that is a tale for another day.

Hangin on the side of the Key....with his favorite MSG...who failed to tell him that he was standing in the wrong spot....this pic was aken after the ref moved the non-basketball playin kid.....

Post game, I captured the Cadet with one of his best buds ... too bad after they graduate, she will return to China for College...she is a sweetheart, on battalion staff, and they have a great time together.
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