Baseball season is underway!

Baseball season is underway here at the School. Thought I would share two pics from "opening day", although it was two games "later" than it should be, as we had some pretty nasty/wintry weather move through last week.

Here is the cadet....our starting second baseman (no not the pitcher).

It was a nice night to watch some ball...unfortunately, the cadets lost 13-12....(yeah...a pitching nightmare for both pitchers). Of course, this was our first game of the season - and the team we were playing had already racked up 6 games....so I take it as a victory of sorts.

The boys of summer have hit the field....and summer isn't all that far away. Yay!
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Lydia said...
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DF said...

Go Cadet!!

"Put me in coach,I'm ready to play, today! Look at me, I can be, centerfield."