Busy Weeks.....

Did you miss me?  The weeks have flown by since my "Baseball Season is Underway" post started.  I apologize for that...it isn't that I haven't thought about you all, my wonderful readers (that is if you are still out there).

Things have been extremely busy, with several trips over to T town, baseball games, the start of soccer practice for the King, the last month of school beginning - with the Senior counting the moments (and increasing the activity level) accordingly.

Will post more later, but have a few "to do's" still left today to "get done".  (Heading back over to T Town tomorrow to hit another Dr. Appt., an am trying to get my Monday and Tuesday chores accomplished!)

Bear with me Mr. Reader (or Mrs. Reader)....even if there is only one of you left....I will continue on my quest to chronicle life in the land of Oz.

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