Easter Visit "Home"

Spent Easter weekend back home with Captain Oz and the King.  Unfortunately, the Cadet had work scheduled for the entire week (Spring Break), and was unable to join us.  Here is a quick review in pictures of the weekend.
The King plows Grandma W's field with Grandma.

Having a snack at Grandpa F's.  Mmmm...pizza and Rootbeer!

The King and his Easter Basket. 

Climbing the Wall before the Hawley Family Easter.  The King loved attending a party where there was a massive playground to play on too!!

Capt. Oz and Mrs. Oz.  Yeah..ignore my wrinkles.  I thought about photoshopping them out..then decided..nahhhh....it makes me look old distinguished!

The houngsters eagerly awaiting the "Ready...Set...Go..." on the Family Easter Egg Hunt

And when released...the King was off like a shot looking for Easter Eggs.  Nothing Better!

Uncle Craig brought bubble swords for the kids - as you can tell, the King thinks Uncle Craig and his Gift ROCKS!!!

We had an absolutely wonderful Easter time, and truly enjoyed visiting the family, and spending lots of time with Grandpa F.  Hope your Easter was as blessed as ours was.  

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