I "hate" it when they prove me wrong....

The King is at the age that advertisers love.  He watches commercial's carefully, then tries to direct my purchases at the grocery based on the items he sees on t.v.

For the past two weeks, he has tried to convince me to buy Trix Yogurt because "I might be a winner of $5.00 Mom".  Sure King.  Sure.

This week, the yogurt happened to be on sale at our local Kroger.  At $2.44, I had a $1 off coupon, as well as a coupon loaded on my Kroger Plus card for .50 off   So for $.94,  when he again said "But Mom....I might be a winner of $5.00!!" I thought "what the heck, why not".   You would have thought I had granted a 16 year old the ability to drive the family Maserati, for all of the dancing he did in the dairy aisle.

Tonight, he was cruising for a bedtime snack, and remembered the yogurts.  Of course, he decided yogurt was exactly what he wanted.

As we opened the Fridge, he again reminded me that "I might win $5.00 Mom".  I laughed and asked which flavor he wanted.  He picked strawberry banana, and when I pulled the lid off, he said "Did I win, Mom?  Did I?".

I scraped the yogurt off the lid.

"You've Won $5.00" read the printing.

Yes King, you won. First try.  First cup.   I hate it when they prove me wrong.

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