In solitude.....

I tell you, some of the best “thinking” times are in the car-rider line, waiting for the King to exit school in the afternoon.  There is the sound of birds chipring through open windows, nice cross breezes based on the setup of the school, and for the most part, 45 minutes of uninterrupted time for me to get my thoughts in order.  Totally unexpected, yet expected in this hectic season in my life.

So..what is on my mind, as I sit here in the car line?  Well…

A Derby party for the M Company boys on Saturday
A college trip by Capt Oz and the Cadet on Sunday to Iowa
The Cadet’s Graduation Party
Our impending move to Toledo
The Career prospects hunting for Capt. Oz
A brother in law who is sick
A father who I worry about  healthwise
The Cadet’s baseball game tonight
The King’s soccer pictures tonight
The Upcoming Alumni Weekend
The family budget and bill paying that needs to get done asa there is two nickles to do it
The Senior Class canoe trip I signed on for
The Senior/Eighth Grade party that Capt. Oz and I throw each year
Cleaning out the storage area and packing it up
Cleaning out the Shed and packing it up
Closing out the last month of piano lessons with my niece and nephew and making sure they learn the most they can in the small time I have left…
Rejoining the parish that I was a part of oh’so’many years ago
Finding athletic programs for the King
The Cadet’s college decision

And that was in the last 5 minutes.  Like I said…the breezes, the quite, the birds chirping (and the internet access that I get from my phone…..)…a great place to think.  It is no wonder I am forgetting the “little things” and need to put ‘em on paper.


Carol P. said...

Boy howdy do I hear ya on this...

I was in a meeting for the whole 1.5 hours that E was at Fast4Ward last Tuesday. instead of my usual Target run. Sitting in the parking lot at the rec center, discussing the next generation of our machine.

And meanwhile, my mind wanders to the to-do list and all the many things going on in our life. (can i say how glad I am to be a telecommuter so no one sees my expressions? :S or knows what *else* I'm doing -- unless I forget to mute for a second and they hear me banging out Beethoven instead of my more usual Haydn)

And then my eyes lit on the tube o'Windex Wipes. And suddenly the inside windows of my minivan were sparkly clean, and the vinyl surfaces all wiped down... Meanwhile, the discussion continued... "To address this market, we need to..." "How does it look if we integrate that way?" and so on, with me contributing as if nothing is going on, up through random texting of a co-worker with back-channel comments about issues raised in the meeting, and thinking about the impact of life on our previous summer plans.

Verf word is vinessed. Very similar to Finessed. That's what we do, "finesse" -- we grab the moments we have to build to-do lists and background-process all the mundane minutiae that is what are lives are really about.

Actually, come to think of it, isn't vinessed just "finessed" plus a glass of wine with dinner?

Heather said...

I'm overwhelmed just reading your to-do list! Hang in there gal and pray your way through it!