The King Writes a Note...in Kingly Fashion

While at his Grandpa's for Easter, the King was busy playing his PSP Game System. He set it down on the couch, and it "disappeared". When asked where his system was, the King couldn't find it. So he snuck back into Grandpa's computer room, snagged a piece of paper, and wrote the following note.

In case you can't read Kindergartner, here is what he wrote:

Ho Nvr fide my gam git 5000. Ad Bob.

Now...in case you can't read the intentions in the writing of Kindergarteners...here is what he wrote:

Who ever finds my game gets $5,000. At (or ask) Bob.

Okay, so why "Bob"? Because he can't spell Grandpa silly! And he knows that Grandpa's name is Bob. He knows that Bob is Bee Oh Bee. So he either lost the game at Bob's, or he wants you to ask Bob for the reward if you find the game. Don't count on the second happening...I found it (in between the cushions)...and no reward...from the King OR Bob.
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