As promised....

As promised.....somebody made the move to "two hands" to indicate his birthday yesterday. Yup, the King is officially six!!

After taking cuck-a-cakes to school, he came home to celebrate with the family.

Like most six year olds, he was thrilled to get cards and presents. Yeah. Okay. Like anybody, he was thrilled to get cards and presents.

Then he wanted dinner at Applebees..because they sing the Happy Birthday song you know. Here he is waving at the waiters and waitresses gathering to sing to him.

The waitress made his sundae with extra whipped cream. Nothing better!!!

And when we got home, it was time for the official birthday cake brownie ....replete with his Aunt and Uncle and two cousins.

All in all...six was a great b-day for the King. And with the zeal of youth...he is already planning seven.
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dkuroiwa said...

Happy Birthday, King!! It looks like a super-duper day!!
My boys like going to the HardRock for birthdays...one time we went, just because we were in the area and the boys were like, "but...who's birthday is it??"