Awesome Technology and Changing the Face of Northwest Ohio

Part of the rust belt - the part where we are currently relocating to, has become a neat little incubator of green technology.  On Saturday, the Toledo Blade spotlighted a company that incubated at the University of Toledo and is becoming a force in thin-cell technology for alternative energy.  (Green Tech in Toledo).

Xunlight is a pretty neat organization - from Mr. Oz's perspective.  (I will tell you that I don't really understand things like photo voltaics, thin cell technology, and the like).  He has long been a big proponent of using this technology to power the earth - rather than the fossil fuels and non-renewable resources. There have been many times that he has talked about a practical application where this technology would be "awesome", and getting excited about new developments in the industry (like flexible cells, "solar" paint, and the list goes on).  Sadly, from me, he gets blank stares - but when he talks to his engineering pals and his science pals about it...they spend time waxing poetic about "this app" and "that app" and could it be used "here" or "there".  

As he put it in an inquiry this morning to the company about an available opportunity with Xunlight.....

The process and development of this flexible, durable, lightweight renewable form of power has absolutely captured my imagination from the engineering and scientific perspective - not only the idea of using natural resources to power our planet - but the real-world practical application of the thin-cell photo voltaic and its ability to provide energy solutions from the most basic application through the most complex. 

Yes, you can tell Mr. Oz is pretty passionate about energy source technology - probably from having seen far too much waste of natural resources (and watching the petroleum industry struggle under the weight of new technology vs. cost - which he was doing some design for about 3 years ago).

Spend some time checking out Xunlight's website.  This organization is on the right track, and is bringing true light and energy to the rustbelt - and the possibilities seem endless.

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