Batter Up...

Proud mama warning!!!

This seems to be a great week for the Cadet in relations to sports. Last evening, he took the mound to pitch for his (only) second appearance for the Wildcats (in 4 years!). Having spent the majority of his life in an ice rink, rather than on a diamond, he always wanted to be a pitcher, had practice pitching for all four years, and yesterday, moved off second base to do so when the team found themselves in a hole (14-1) with one pitcher struggling, and the other ineligible to pitch due to counts.

I said to Capt. Oz, well..these guys (the other team) may struggle with the slowness of his speed (having seen him throw last year....with a pretty little off speed arc). But as has been the case with him throughout his four years in high school, he not only thrilled me, he surprised me with his pitching abilities,. His unintentional offspeed pitching from last year turned into good, solid 68-70 mile an hour pitches.

If he had one more year, he could easily become a starting pitcher for them..but in this case....he is definitely added to their rotation "cleanly".

Although we were out-played by the other team, (and they provided a little help with some of his "closer but definitely ball pitches), the Cadet racked 5 strike outs in three innings, allowed no runs (thanks to the other coach who had class and sportsmanship extraordinaire, and didn't allow his guys to run the bases freely on overthrows to the bases, etc).

So I bring you...three weeks before his career ends....the Cadet on the mound.......

Nice Stretch Cadet.......seriously. (this picture was taken on the pitch that gave him his first strikeout)

Here's the Windup!! Sttttttt----eeeeeeeeee-----rike.

And finally, an at bat for the Sparkinator. He ratcheted this ball to the deep outfield, and snagged a double out of it.

Like I said..he is having a great sports week!

This weekend is Mothers Day Weekend here on campus, so lots of various activities (and pic opportunities of course)...including a choir concert (he was asked to rejoin for the final concert..he left choir before his junior year..but they needed some baritones whose voices could carry), a ball/dance, a chapel service, and the list goes on and on......oh..and did I mention the King has a soccer game? Yeah. I will be a runnin around like a mad woman. But truth be told...I am having fun....
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Carol P. said...

Ahhhhh Senior year, where each memory is bittersweet because it's the last of a phase of life and the promise of the adult that's emerging! Go Cadet!

The Girl Next Door said...

WOW Awesome week. And I hope you remember to pack the tissues. I lost it talking to my mom tonight just thinking about graduation!!!!