Break neck speed....

With breakneck speed, things are drawing to a close here in Northern Indiana. Here are just a few pics to update ya - these all occurred over the past three days.

The cadet receiving his 12th and final varsity letter - this one in Baseball. Congrats for seeing it all through cadet....

The King at his final soccer game. Why is he crying? The game is over dontcha know. Seriously. That is why.

But he really did play, and play well. Scored six goals, and gathered three assists. Nice season King.

The Cadet pitching the second half of the second game of a double header. Did ya get that? Yeah, confusing. No worries though, he pitched the second half of the first game as well...racking up 10 innings of pitching.

There are still more pictures..but none of them very good. Yesterday morning the Cadet was honored at the first church service for being a senior, and for being such an integral part of the worship life. There was also a Senior Picnic (on Saturday) with one of his favorite teachers, a camp out at his Uncle's saturday night, and the list goes on and on.

Just call us the energizer bunny!! Because with the week ahead...we will just have to keep "going and going and going".
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