A busy Sunday Morning

This morning started off to be a busy one. I had to get the head acolyte out of bed before he missed the first of his two services today. This, after having a late night last night at the Mother's Day Ball. (Late night for both of us!)

But as you can see, he made it...in plenty of time. Above you see him heading down to join the processional for the second service (cadet service). He served this one as a Chalicer and as the head acolyte.

The service was an extremely moving one. The homily was provided by a cadet's mother who has ALS, and who was able to (between her and her husband) truly impart incredible wisdom to parents and kids alike, about letting go, forgiveness, and jumping off a cliff into God's arms, because he is there to catch you.

After the services (and after I dried my tears, I tell you, the homily was veerrrrry moving), we headed out to the parade field to watch the lower school drill team in action. They were most impressive - being led by their Senior Advisor - my very own Cadet. (the one in the hat above). I was more than thrilled that they all did so well.

And of course, after the drill performance, the senior advisor had to give a hug to his favorite Superintendant...who also happens to be the faculty advisor to the Drill Team. Way to go guys.

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