Military Ball....

This weekend was the annual Miltary Ball hosted by the Cadet's school. Entitled the Mother's Day ball, it is also the time when the Seniors perform their walk through Iron Guard (the sword arches), and receive their senior blankets indicating they are in their final days as an HMS cadet. Of course, being the ever vigiliant Mama....Mrs. Oz managed to get a few snaps (some thanks to others with my camera).

Here is the Cadet and his date. They both looked absolutely fabulous, and had a wonderful time.

Captain Oz and I.

The Oz couples. What a good looking crew huh1

The senior receiving his blanket from the Superintendant. Congrats Cadet on this achievement.

Twas a fun evening (even if Winter decided to make a reappearance in temps outside).

Another milestone in the books...as we head towards the end of his High School Career.
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Heather said...

You look beautiful! Looks like a great night! You have raised a fine young man...well done, MOM!