Sport Filled Saturday...

Twas a sports filled saturday in the Land of Oz with a soccer game for the King and a double header for the Cadet. That meant lots of time away from the house being the cheering mom.

First up,the King.

Since the last week was totally rain filled, soccer had been on the kibosh for the week, so the boys in orange were glad to get back on the field on a sunny Saturday morning. Although they lost (5-7), the king managed to score 4 goals and assist the fifth. As U-6 soccer draws to a close for the king, I am thinking that he is more than ready to become a little fish in the bigger pond of U-8, and begin to learn positioning. Thankfully, the programs are strong in Ohio...so he should be good to go come Fall season.

Now moving on to the Cadet.

Although his team lost both games of a double header, he fielded well, batted fairly well (I think he went 4-7 or something between the two games) and eve did some time in the Catch position as shown above. This was his first outing as a HS Catcher and he did extraordinarily well, not having an issue tracking the ball whatsoever - calling on his former hockey goalie skills. Of course, his being behind the plate did scramble the infield a little, and as the team they were playing was hitting to second a lot, so he played three innings before heading back to his 2nd base position to solidify that side of the field.

And me? Well, I am one tired Momma Oz....and looking forward to a fairly relaxing Sunday before the final "2-week" crush begins of the moving process, the graduation process and the like.
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