Yes..the king is still around......

I know, I know.  The last few posts have been about the Cadet.  Of course...he has not had a ton of face time on the blog of late..so....he is deserving!  Now the King and HIS antics?  They are usually chronicled well...and with a birthday coming up this week (making him the big SIX).....he will also get his face time later this week.  But had to share a few King-ism's from yesterday.  See, the King has managed to get the Faison sarcasm...and use it well......

Kingism on Mother's Day (when asked by Mama "Isn't anyone going to say Happy Mother's day?")

Happy to the Mother's Day.  There...check it off your list
(Seriously.  The Cadet winced, and ducked, thinking that I was going to go all helicopter fists on both of em)

Kingism before he went to bed last night (while changing into his PJ's with mom in the room, who commented to him to pull up his undies...that she didn't need to see his naughty bits)

You mean my geography? ("I guess.  Pull up your undies, I don't need to see your geography")
You'll be hearing from my Lawyer.

HUH?  Seriously?  I think he is fifty going on sixty....and I genuinely DON'T know where he hears this crap.

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