Let the Neato Factor continue.....

While we are on "neat stuff".....let's move on to the bathroom remodel occurring in the Land of Oz.

Mr. Oz is doing a great job in expanding a longstanding, very small (and if you believe the grandchildren of RLF "scary") half-bath in the basement. Being the absolutely smart guy that he is....he has called in the pro's when necessary (thanks DF, thanks to my FIL the electrician, thanks to Dana our ace drywaller), but for the most part, Mr. Oz is doing the hard labor. Come along for a little "unfinished tour"

For those familiar with the scary bath, the shower exists almost where the end of the dirty clothes always piled up next to the washer.  So you walk in the door, and the shower is to the hard right, and the sink/priv is where it always was.  
Here is the Shower Stall that was added (sans doors yet)

Here is a view looking in the Bathroom door..towards the shower

Here is a view in the other direction from the door

Pretty Neato huh!  It is only 45 years in the making...as Mom and Dad always wanted to add a shower downstairs, but weren't too sure exactly how to deal with the clothes chute.  As DF will tell ya, Mr. Oz had a great idea to just let it drop to the floor into a basket from the ceiling.  Problem solved....new bathroom nearing completion. 

Yes indeedy I will post pretty neat pics when it is all done!

And finally...on the neato factor.....

The Kings big brubby came home last night!! Home you ask?  Well, approximately two weeks ago, this ingenious young man, after looking hard to find a job after our move, made a call to his Pastor and his wife back in Howe, made a call to Kmart back near Howe, got his old job back, and moved (for the summer) back to Howe to build up some money for this fall at college.  

And for the first time in two weeks.....he was able to come home to visit.  One young king was MORE than excited.....and I snapped this pic this morning as they were spending "brubby" time.  Can I get a collective "awwweeee".  Yeah.  I knew I could.
The Brothers....livin large in Mom and Dad's room
NOTE - the color of the wall.  Not lime green/sour apple green.  I am just sayin.
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