Neat Stuff......

Wondering if I have any readers still stopping by  left since I seem to be blogging on a not so frequent basis!

This post could be very mildly depressing...if I let it.  After all, my unemployment (26 weeks) ran out, no employment for either Mr. Oz or me has materialized, the weather has been hot, and the list could go on an on.  

But never fear!  The Pollyanna-ish Mrs. Oz does not give up so easily.  Despair?  I SCOFF at despair and say...why even bother trying to trouble me - I have far too much to be grateful for!

So that all being said, I thought I would share random "neat" stuff that has been happening around the new Land of Oz.  In pictorial form no less.  (Oh, that my grammar teacher would read that sentence....)

Under the "Naturally Neat" Category we find.......

Oh Beautiful Paper-White Rose of Sharon

Oh Beautiful Delicate Pink Rose of Sharon
Oh STRIPED? Paper-white and Delicate Pink Rose of Sharon....
you are a stunningly beautiful mutant of the cross-pollination variety.

My father has several Rose of Sharon bushes.  Imagine his surprise this growing season when a stalk of a bush provided flower #3.  It is a blend (striped of course) of the paper-white and the pink.  It wasn't planted that way, Rose of Sharon's don't grow that way, but there are approximately 5 flowers to date that share this wonderful variegation.   Perhaps it is the Lord telling us that some things that don't change, can change?  Perhaps it is the Lord telling us that blending the old and new will create a stunningly beautiful family?  Whatever the cause, these are a beautiful  reminder to stop and smell the Roses (of Sharon!!).  

A fence.  Not Neat? Guess Again!!

Yes a fence can be a neat thing.  My siblings will be excited to learn that just this week, this fence has replaced the Redwood Fence that used to be between our yard and that of the former Schwab family residence.  Yup, the yards are open, no more flimsy, ugly, snow fency looking thing. Wiiiiiiiidde Open Spaces.... Pretty Neat Huh!

 More neat stuff coming tomorrow!


Beth said...

I was wondering when you would return! I would love to see photos of the bathroom remodel that U Dean has been posting about on FB! :)

The Girl Next Door said...

I am but an infrequent blogger/FB lately but glad I found this! Cool photos.

Carol P. said...

Wooohoooo, the redwood fence that the folks before Schwabs put in is gone! Does this one line up with the real property line? Or the eye-balled but incorrect line?

Glad you're back, even sporadically! Boy-howdy do I know that feeling :)