Pretty Neat Place to Sit Quietly and just Listen....

Replica Portiuncula Chapel - A pretty neat place to hear that Still, Small voice

Surrounded by the ruination of a small chapel, St. Francis of Assisi answered a call from above. "Rebuild My Church". He took it literally. He set out to rebuild the chapel - to bring it back alive. During the remodel, he invoked prayer through contemplation and meditation. Upon completion, he heard a call from above come again - "Rebuild My Church". 
 Seems it wasn't what was physically before St. Francis that he was to rebuild.
It was His Church.
Not a building.
A Communion.
And without another question - St. Francis began the biggest remodelling project of his life.

All from having his ears open enough to hear that still, small voice. In Portiuncula Chapel, Assisi.

I have begun to carve out some personal me-time for me.  No, I guess that isn't right.  I have begun to carve out time for meditation and contemplation - so it would be better said that "I have begun to carve out some personal knee-time for Him."  To do so, I have returned to sitting quietly in a small chapel on the grounds of a local convent.  In a Chapel that I found when I was a teen.  In a Chapel where I spent time trying to find "myself" - and yet through that process I found somebody else - much much bigger than myself.  See, I wanted to know "Who I am" and instead, found out who "I am" really was!  Because of that still, small voice that He used to gently move me forward.

So now, in the midst of the moving, remodeling, the job hunting, and on and on, I go to my pretty neat place.    Sometimes I argue with Him, sometimes I just talk, most times I just listen.  I walk out with a new sense of purpose.  A renewed faith that everything is on course - on track - and right with the world.  And if I don't...He is pretty adept at making sure I get the message, and understand that not only I am listening to Him....HE is listening to me.  

And that is pretty neat.     

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