I have found the most amazing cleaner.  Seriously.  You simply must.have.it.  

It can pull 40+ years of hand oil off of a painted banister with one simple, no elbow-grease swipe. 

It can knock finger prints off of a wall with little to no effort.  

Have baseboards you forgot to take care of for several years?  No worries.  One quick pass with this cleaner and a rag and you are good to go.  

Run out today and buy this miracle cleaner!

But wait!  There is more!  

Dirt?  Gone. 
Grime?  Gone.  
Goo? Gone
Soap Scum on a shower door or tub side?  Gone. 
Mirrors?  Shiny
Windows? Shiny
Fixtures? Shiny and NOT scratched

And most important..... Sweat factor?  None.  

The only things that this miracle cleaner really can't be used on are fabrics and leathers, and cannot be mixed with Chlorine Bleach.  

What is the cost of this miracle cleaner you ask?  Around $2.50 a bottle...sometimes even less!!  And that bottle can last you foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  

Use it full strength, or diluted....either way, it works.works.WORKS!

Where can you buy it?  Practically ANYWHERE.  Hardware stores, drug stores, discount stores, even the Dollar Store.

Time to come clean so to speak on the name of this miracle cleaner....

Folks it is good old NH3.   Yup, Ammonia.

The same stuff our mothers and grandmothers used for years.  The same stuff that the major cleaning solutions manufacturers have been putting in their pricey cleaning supplies. Because folks...sometimes "New and Improved" doesn't quite work as well as the old stuff - no matter if it is lemon fresh.

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Heather said...

Just be careful not to over clean with it. My mother lost her sense of smell when the ammonia burned all her nose hairs. Great product and great blog, stumbled into your blog after reading my sisters and clicked the "next blog" button. How you have a wonderful day with the Wizard of OZ, there is no place like home, especially when the spirit of Christ is present, Thank you. Heather Shutt