Just another manic monday...whoa oh oah....

Yesterday was a day that definitely had it's own rhythm. A very fast Samba beat to be sure.

Mr. Oz started his new job. The College Boy was home. The King was off school. There was a mall trip to be made for swim goggles and a book. A run to the bank. Brothers to play on the driveway. Opening swim lessons for the king. Dinner to be made. Reading to the dogs for the King (more below). Back to school night time routines to get back on.

And like the energizer bunny....it just kept going, and going, and going......and thankfully....it is over.

Will it go?  YESSSSS!  Su-WiSH.

Swimmin in the pewl...with my swim instructor.  Look!  My face is in the water and I am swimmy-ing!

Four weeks ago, the King began a program at the local library called "Reading to the Dogs".  It is a great program where therapy dogs are brought into the library and readers can practice their skills reading to a puppy who doesn't care if the reader has to sound a word (or book) out here and there.  The puppy simply cares that he/she gets rubs on the tummy and (in the case of the King) a lick or two of dinner off the kiddo's face. (You can find out more about programs like this HERE).

The King has thrived in this program - truly excited (as a beginning reader) to be hanging with the puppies, scarfing personalized bookmarks from the doggies, and practicing his reading skills.  He has read to the likes of a Labradoodle, miniature schnauzer, three labs, a golden retriever, and much to his delight - a big ol' irish wolfhound.  He knows the dogs by name..they know him by taste (grin), and he is really doing well.

Thought I would share a few pics from last night (where he read to his old pal Charlie, and then a new pal Kody - the retriever).

Readin to Charlie the Therapy Dog

Reading to Kody - the Therapy Dog

And in a final note....the King was listening to the College student and I discuss what therapy dogs did..

out of the back seat and out of the mouth of the King comes.....

"Yeah...and if you are blind, the dog can take you to the glasses store".

Seriously.  Neither the College student NOR I could breathe for about 5 minutes - the laughter was tooooooo great.


DF said...

I like the basket ball goal in the front. I seem to remember one bering there when I was a kid.

The Girl Next Door said...

What a great reading program! And, as always, the King has the last word...