Life in a different view.....

(this post was originally started on 9/28)

Oftentimes, you can go through life, and see the same thing over and over - without really seeing it. It doesn't matter whether you are six, forty-three or eighty-three. You blindly go about your "normal day", with the operative word being blind. And then someone, anyone asks a question, or makes a comment, and all of the sudden the view changes. And what a view it is.

This happened on Saturday, as my father, Uncle and I left my two Aunts and Cousin after lunch. We walked to the top of the Restaurant's parking lot (up a hill) and I turned to my father and asked a simple question. "What Church is that off in the distance?". He followed my gaze and was surprised at what he saw.

Off in the distance, yet dominating the town, was a startling image of the very church of my father's youth.  He was surprised at how much the church overshadowed the footprint of the town.  How pretty it looked in the distance.  But I think, most of all, he was surprised that - for all of his time in his hometown - he had never, ever seen this perspective of "home".  A surprise that came with 83 years of memories, yet now, just slightly different - at least in one different view of a church that was so much a defining factor in his earlier life.

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