The Pneumoniatic One.....

Got a call on Wednesday from the College Boy telling me "Mommy, I'm sick and feel like Crap". No surprise from the over dramatic one. He takes after his father in that one ("I'm dyyyyyyyyyying"). Okay, I lie. It is totally his Mom, but back to the story.

He calls me on Thursday morning and says "Mom, I really feel like I am dying". Yeah. Drama Much? 'Go to the nurse at health services' I tell him. He tells me that his temp is 102 (and it is 8:00 in the morning). Yeah, definitely get checked out Iowa boy.

He hits the nurse, who makes an appointment for the early afternoon. Doc says "Hmmm....looks like Pneumonia". Nice. I have a college kid who is 650+ miles away from home, and he has pneumonia. Well, at least he has antibiotics, right? Riiiiiight.

I get a call at 8:00 p.m...."I really feel like crap mom, my temp is 102.8, and I can't breath so good". Mom freak out much? Yeah, she does. After consultation with the family nurse (my SIL is an awesome ER Nurse), it is determined that he needs to hit the ER....30 miles away. Like Now.


A shot of steroids, two more prescriptions, and a trip back to the campus ensues....as well as a reservation for a flight home to have mama take care of him (when he is cleared to fly...which is after 24 hours on the steroids and additional antibiotics).

Sooooooo....saturday morning, the College Student is on a flight from Minne to Chicago, and Mama is on the road to pick him up.

Three days later, someone is much better, ready to head back (via detroit to chi to minne....which is wayyyyyyy easier for his Mama), and his little brother has had his fill of Big Bother time.

Just a few pics of the fun that was the Penumoniatic Visit Home.......once somebody was feeling better.

The brothers, enjoying the basketball hoop on the driveway

Why yes.....I DO feel better...thanks for asking...
On the Pneumoniatic One's last day home...enjoying juice bags and brother time
watching Dragon Ball Z Kai

Thankfully, the fates aligned to get him home and better.  And thankfully, he is a pretty healthy young man...so he was able to kick this in the butt pretty quickly (with steroids and two courses of antibiotics of course).  

Of course...the copay challenge is back on...and we are at 3 at this point.  Plus a flight.   

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