Sneaking back over.....

Sneaking back over and wondering if anyone even stops by this old place anymore.  Grin.  Yeah, I know, months have passed.  (But hey, I have released like three old posts that were sitting in draft form...that is something right?  Even IF you are learning about what occurred back in November, December, and January!)

Welcome to the day after Valentines!  Hope your sweetie did something nice for you!  Mine did.  He ordered (in advance no less) flowers from Proflowers.com for delivery yesterday!  Of course, in the truest Oz Family tradition, the FedEx delivery guy decided, at the distribution station, that he had never heard of my company, so they googled it, picked up an old address where we no longer are, and delivered the flowers to THAT location.  But in this case, it truly IS the thought that counts - thanks Sweetie - I will truly enjoy them today...I promise!  Oh, and Proflowers.com gave him a full refund...what nice folks - given that Fed Ex was the one that screwed it up!

So...want some great news?  Mr. Oz will be heading back to the land of Engineering!  He gave his notice last week at his current position (which he truly likes...but which doesn't pay well or provide any benefits).  He will be off to work a contract position at Dana Corporation - for at least 6 months.  My boss knows an engineering vp over at Dana, and between the two of them was able to wooshzle an interview for a Tech position (reviewing drawings and such).  The hope, on the part of Mr. Oz, as well as the VP, is that if it all works out, they will be able to bring him into a position permanently inside the Dana world.  Say a prayer or ten - the upside either way is it puts current experience back on his resume!

More great news?  The College Boy decided to try out for a play (Chekov's Three Sisters) at college.  Turns out..he got the Male Lead (the brother).  Weird huh!  I did remind him though that Theatre is NOT a degree option (lol!) - but it is a lot of fun.  Looks like a trip to Iowa will be in order for early April.

Oh..and more great news?  The College Boy got the final diagnosis on his wrist!  Extensive tendon damage (overextension), but strengthening vs. surgery is the course of treatment!  Can I get a Woot Woot???

I think that catches y'all up!  Oh...I am doing fine after battling a fluey thing for a week or so.  And so is the King!  Now...THAT catches you up!

Until next time gentle readers...and lets hope next time ISN'T in May!

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