The Wrestler.....round Two.....

And so it begins.  Only with the Six Year Old King.  Our wrestler version 2.0.  44 lbs of action - ready to hit the mat and "beast somebody".  On Sunday, he will get his chance - with his very first tourney (1st year).  Many in the tourney have more experience (they have been 1st year wrestling for about 2 months), but I would hazard to say that not too many have an 18 year old big brother and his former team mates who have taught a little wrestler how to "never say die".  So at 7:15, on Sunday, we will be off to a local high school for the craziness that is Biddy Wrestling.

I guess it could be "worse".  It could be 5:30 a.m. - and it could be a cold hockey rink.

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