The Changing of the Seasons

Although Mother Nature refuses to move towards a less wet spring, the seasons are indeed changing around the Merry Land of Oz.

And of course, they have the appropriate cross-over that I wish mother nature would manage to pull of - but doesn't seem to.

Several weeks ago, the King finished his first year of wrestling. It caused him to miss a soccer game, but had to finish one season to move into the next right? Right! Because his brother was there, the little one decided that this was "his time". He proceeded to march across the brackets - win, win, and off to the finals. The King was up against an opponent he had never met. T'was an opponent who had beaten the King's season long nemesis - "jack". (See, Jack and the King had met in the finals three times, and three times, the King failed to overcome Jack....). Yet "brubby magic" was on the King's side this time....and after riding out three periods - the king took his first ever First Place. Way to end one season King.

Of course, I mentioned Soccer right? Because then the athletic beat marched full on into the season. Except...our old pal Mother Nature doesn't like to give up anything but liquid sunshine. COLD liquid sunshine. As such, we spend time on the sidelines under umbrellas, wind whipping across fields, hoping simply that the game moves quickly. The King? Well, he doesn't care - wet or dry...he is just happy to be out there.

But Seasons march on...and we are beginning to close out the soccer season - in anticipation of the baseball season (Lob Ball/Coach Pitch)Practices began last week - games start next week - and the last soccer game is this Saturday. So Mother Nature - can you take a hint from the King's Athletic Season - CHANGE already - because quite frankly, sitting at a cold, rainy baseball diamond sounds about as appealing to this Wrestling/Soccer/Baseball Mom as an umbrella point in the eye.

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The Girl Next Door said...

GOODNESS the King has a lot of sports! Around here, you choose soccer or baseball as they overlap. I do not miss the days of sitting on the sidelines in the rain. You Rock Mom! And I would like to send some sunshine your way - in between our rain clouds. At least we seem to be getting a bit of sunshine every day, which sounds like more than you have.