Feels like we had a weekend!

Finally!  It feels like we had a true weekend!  Yes, it was extremely busy - but when are weekends NOT busy around the Land of Oz?  But that said - Mother Nature removed the Liquid Sunshine for a while, and gave us two pretty glorious days of 80 degree weather.  (Truth in journalism makes me say that there was rain..but it was in the evening, after the day was done, so...it didn't affect any plans!)

From the last soccer game for the King, watching the eldest get ready to take a friend to prom, visiting with J, K, T and little I, to going to Cirque Du Soleil's Alegria and working in the garden, the weekend felt more like being able to do the things we wanted to do, vs. the things we had to do.  And I have to admit, it was pretty nice! 

The Spring Soccer boys at their final game...do you think the King (front row) has had enough soccer pics taken?  Look at that photographer's pose - grin.

The Handsome Eldest, ready to pick up his date.

Having fun at "prom".  (Note, the eldest didn't get to attend his prom last year, so thought the whole process was pretty interesting)

The King and his cousin "I" visiting the puppy (if being 12 can be considered a puppy) next door.  "I" was very intrigued by John the pup, and more than willing to show him off to anyone who asked!

Finally, in a rare appearance, Mrs. Oz herself, next to a set of flowers placed in the front, one of several floral additions to the porch and yard to brighten up the joing.  Yes, I garden "formally"...okay, just kidding, I was ready to head out for the Cirque performance, but thought I would try out my new Mother's Day gift's "self-timer" function.  

This week brings baseball games into the picture, and ends with the official beginning of Summer via Memorial Day!  Here is hoping Mother Nature keeps up the awesome weather - the sunshine did us ALL good!

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The Girl Next Door said...

Mrs. Oz so glad you will be in front of the camera more! That's one Hawt Lady. And love H's tux and color. He is so HANDSOME!!!! and the King? Always makes me Grin! Glad you finally had some good weather. I have to say, we rocked it here this weekend, too!