The Mother's Day Present that Keeps on Giving

About a thousand years ago, my big sis who resides over at Casa De Duckfeet wanted to present her Mom with a beautiful Mother's Day surprise. Always being the one who loved the great out-of-doors, off she went ot a local park where she dug up a few wild violets. She brough 'em hom, planted them between our house and the neighbor's house. By few, I mean three or four.

Our mom was "thrilled" and proclaimed the present perfect. Our Dad gave the official "That's Nice" response. A normal "tepid" dad response? No, not really. For what my giving and loving outdoorsy sister had not yet learned, but her father knew, is that wild violets are the gift that keeps on "giving". All over the yard. And he certainly couldn't pull up her newly planted present - that would be just too cruel. So they sat for the year, so they spread for the year.

Thirty five years later (or a thousand), these wild violets are still going strong. Like I said - the gift that keeps on giving.
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