Of 90th Birthdays and Relaxing Weekends

It seems like, on this Memorial Day Weekend, much is getting accomplished, and yet the pace seems to be fairly relaxing! The pace is just as crazy, but......it is also fairly smooth as well!

We have managed to purchase a flat of flowers that I have been looking for, get them into the ground, do some kindle reading, grocery shop, make a baseball practice for the King, hit Grandma Oz's 90th birthday party, make a run through Lowe's just "because", and the list could go on and on. But if I took it "on and on"..well..it would no longer seem as relaxing!!

So enjoy a few pics from today (none from yesterday)....

Cuz I am off to relax.

The Birthday Girl and her eldest Great-Grandson who carries the Oz name.
There are only 3 Oz boys in the Great Grandchild Generation...two belong in the
Land of Oz...and the other is my wonderful Nephew AI.  

The Birthday Girl and her Children.  The Balloon....is Uncle Ray - who passed.
Yup, Mr. Oz's dad is one of 7

Poppa Oz, Mr. Oz and grandma.

When Cousins/Siblings attack...their Aunt and Uncle.  (See Mr. Oz peeking out??)

Mr. Oz thought this sprinkler was neat at Lowes.  So
we had to buy it. Sadly, the pump can't always keep up with it...
Not sure how much it will get used.  BUT...look at my
Impatiens...starting to take off!  YAY!
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