What a Hero!

There is a great place in town that does amazing Birthday Parties for Kids. Hero's . From the moment the birthday kiddo arrives, the parents are off the hook - and the adventure begins.

We decided to have the King's birthday party there, after having been to several at the Mouse House of Bad Pizza and Chaos (formerly known as Chucky Cheese). One young King and his friends declared it to be the "Best.Party.Ever". Yeah...this mom kind of agrees.

We handed off the Cake the moment we walked in the door - and from there on out, our Party Hero Caroline took over and was in charge. She moved the kids through inflatables, through games, through activities, through Pizza, Cupcake Decorating, Candles, Presents and the like. What did I have to do? Visit with the adults at the party and take a few snaps. Yup. That was the extent of my work! It ROCKED.

Join the birthday boy for some fun - via pics.  And check out the cake.  Yup...tis Angry Birds - cuz SOMEBODY is hooked.

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The Girl Next Door said...

AwesomeSauce!! Great party pics. not bad for a Friday the 13th Boy!!!