Of Beautiful Weekends and a Milestone

The good Lord and his friend Mother Nature shined their glory down upon the region this past weekend, turning it into a beeeeeyoutiful one.  Temps in the 70s, wall to wall sunshine – who could ask for more?  

As a Mom, beautiful weekends usually mean lots of outdoor time with the kiddos.  The king, in particular, kept us hopping this weekend with the desire to “Come out and playyyyyyy”.


When Sunday dawned so beautifully, Momma Oz and the King wandered outside to play a little catch in the backyard.  After about a half hour,  Momma decided it was again time to work with the King on his bike riding skills.  He had long since mastered the whole training wheel thing, and was ready to try the two wheel variety.  We had made an attempt back on his birthday – which was highly unsuccessful – so I thought “why not try again – he isn’t going to get better without working at it”.

Maybe it is the whole “moving on to second grade” thing.  Maybe it was the fact that I am still struggling with a summer cold/flu/allergy thing and told him “Mom isn’t going to be able to run along side of you when you ride because it is tearing me up”.  Maybe it is just that it was “time”.   Because when the King hopped on, he centered himself up, set his pedals…and off he went.  Yes there were falls.  Yes there were some tears after said falls.  Yet there was a shift in the “riding the bike” paradigm, and one young King became – quite quickly – a two wheel bike rider.  Within moments.

Come join the King as he heads on out–down the road–on his two-wheel bike. This is probably ride #6 for the day.

And a milestone was passed.  And yet another spawn from 4730 began to race down the very sidewalk that his Mom, his Aunts and his Uncles used to race down.  Down to the corner.  Just past the fire hydrant (for those in the “know”…to the Goldsteins).


And somebody was proud as punch. 

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