Where do they get these folks.....

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading the headlines and news stories, and I genuinely have to wonder where they dredge up the folks that are making headlines today.  Seriously.

Proof that Common Sense has Left
Ronald McDonald and the (zero) nutritional value of McDonalds means that McDonald's must change?

A boy asks a girl to prom via a cute sign on the school - and said boy gets suspended and denied the right to prom?

A young man on a field trip to NYC with his band, realizes the backpack he is using (which is also his camping backpack) contains a field hunting knife - he immediately turns it over to the Chaperone, is immediately expelled from school?

Mom Fakes Botox Story at the request of a media partner (for Cash), and only when faced with losing her child does she come clean.

Hundreds of complaints made to a local child welfare about said botox mom - complaints from Parents across the country.  (Really?  Like the CW workers did NOT hear about this story incessantly on the news?  Parents across the country had to call in and report this "abuse"?  Hey people...you don't know your neighbors on either side of you...but you can turn in a woman based on a Good Morning America Story?  Yeah...you've done your good deed)

An Iraq war vet killed after a long shift at work by the SWAT Team in a drug raid/sweep of his neighborhood.  His crime?  Police won't really say; now that the facts emerge, it appears that a deputy miss fired his weapon and SWAT opened fire on the man.  70 shots, 60 hits.  Interestingly enough, another neighbor was arrested several blocks away on narcotics charges.  Police initial said "He shot at us", then realized that the gun he held by his side (SWAT hadn't identified themselves in the invasion) was unable to be fired - the safety was on.  SWAT calls it justified.  I call it "wrong place, wrong time"...if wrong place, wrong time is in your own home.  Ya come home from work, go to sleep, get awakened to your wife screaming that people all in black are circling your house with guns....and you are the "criminal" when THEIR mistake needs to be covered up.  Great.

Sarah Palin won't tell the media whether or not she is running.  She won't give them her bus tour schedule. She won't give them any information.  She is only posting it on her twitter feed, and her Facebook page.  Really?  Here in America - my dear media - we call that SUMMER VACATION.  Here's a heads up - I won't be releasing OUR itinerary either should we decide to go on vacay this summer.  BUT - feel free to follow me around via Twitter and/or Facebook.

The Onion Headlines are being retweeted and facebooked - seems folks believe that they are real.  The Onion Reported that the final Harry Potter Movies last two minutes will be made into seven movies - and folks went nutz on Facebook  - worried about continuity.  That on the heels of The Onion stating that Planned Parenthoot was going to open an AbortionPlex - and thousands (like 50+ thousand) reposted the link talking about "the horror" - and how funding needed to be pulled.  Seriously folks.  The Onion?  To me, this is indicative of the fact that folks will: 1. Believe anything they see on the Net.  2.  Don't bother to read completely something (no wonder many are fighting battles in foreclosure, etc as they only read the first 140 characters).  3.  Have no idea WHAT a news source is - let alone Sarcasm.

And the list could go on and on..... Yet, if I continued - it would only serve to depress me about the state of the World today.  So again I ask...where do they get these folks??

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