Who is to blame?

Who is to blame for the crisis the United States of America finds itself in today? With a credit downgrade, recession looming, QE3 looming, Congress on vacation, rome burning and so on, the average american citizen (like me!) has to think through who is to "blame" in this whole mess the USA finds itself in. Because certainly, someone has to be at fault.

The answer isn't as easy, or as pretty as you would like to think.

It is easy to say "This is Obama's fault". Of course, that is if you are of a conservative leaning. It is also easy to say "It is Bush's fault". Again, that is if you are of a more liberal leaning. It is easy to toss off that this group or that is holding our country "hostage". But again, who is holding the ransom note depends upon your political incliniation.

The crisis we are in today stems from actions taken decades ago; actions taken1,2, 3, 4, and even 5 administrations back. Each successive administration, from President Carter to today, has become far less republicized, and far more politicized. You were either "left" or you were "right". You weren't in agreement with anything anyone from an opposing party presented. Ever. Why? Simply because it wasn't "your party" who proposed it. At least this time around. But if it comes alive under your party - it is all good.

So here we sit today. We currently have a President who speaks of answers, but has none. Who speaks of division in the course of the Country's business. But had a Congress that was same party for two years and was unable to act - even with a legislative branch that supported him. Slow down, supporters of President Obama. This is nothing new. His predecessor had no answers either, and fought the same battle - same party Congress for two years. The difference? Not much. President Bush did act (and quite frequently) on many things. They weren't the best for the Country, in many cases. Strike that - in many many cases - some even could qualify as unconsitutional. So inaction or action - we are still in the hole.

Yet, we can't blame the President, right? He doesn't make law, only approves it. He doesn't write budgets, only approves or vetos them. So back it up. Look at Congress. A Congress (no matter whom is in control) that passes legislation and then reads it (Affordable Health Care Act, Reinvestment and Recovery Act, the current Budget Act). A Congress that has been acting without a budget in place for 830 days (the last budget expired in April, 2009, and was signed into place by the former President Bush). A Congress that has allowed over $7.3 Trillion dollars to pass through its fingers - unbudgeted with no plan. More specifically, a Senate that has allowed this to happen.

The House of Representatives, Democrat controlled for the first two years of our current President's administration, now Republican controlled, is on point for suggesting a budget to the Senate. The Senate, Democrat controlled since the beginning of the administration, then takes said budget - makes its changes, and moves it to the President for signature or veto. No matter who is in control - it hasn't changed - 830 days have passed and we don't have a budget.

Why is this the case, you might ask?

In both Houses (read both PARTIES as well), we have representatives and senators who are afraid to commit to a budget. Rather than say "we are going to spend X, we are going to legislate "y", we are going to put these taxes into place, we are going to remove those taxes from the rolls", they instead choose deliberately not to act. Because action gets messy and might irritate their base. This speaks volumes. Loud and clear it is heard that the USA officially has legislators who choose their own re-election chances over the fate of the Country and its economy.

We had an opportunity this past fall to remove all of the US House of Representatives. Every one. We had an opportunity to move many Senator's out as well. The old timers, and the newbies. We did not. The voting populace removed several - enough to swing the House of Rep's voting base from Democrat to Republican and add a few Republicans to the Senate, but we left many in place who have continued to show exactly who's interests are at heart. Their own.

I know, I know. You "like" your representative and/or Senator - it is all of the other congressional members who are at fault. Your guy or gal has done amazing things - it is the others than are killing this country. I hate to break it to you, they all are the same person, and they don't care about you. Rep. Boehner from Ohio and Rep. Pelosi from California? Opposite sides of the aisle. Same person. "I am gonna get me mine". "We will have to pass it so that we can read it". "We are in control now, you will do it our way". Same.Person.

How can I say this? Take a look at the economy, the recent downgrade by S&P and probable downgrade by Moody's. Take a look at the notes of the downgrade by S&P. Take a look at the song and dance being played out in the morning programs over blamestorming - as to why we are where we are. It is "their" fault that we are in the boat we are in. "Their" is whomever sits across the aisle. "They" are the cause of this.

And that, my friends, gives me the answer as to who is to blame for the crisis, as well as the answer to the question long posed by philosophers and pundits alike. THEY are. Yet, who is "they".

Me. Oh, and you too. And in fact the entire American citizenry qualifies as "they".


The answer is simple. We stopped caring and paying attention to any viewpoint other than our own and yet we believed in the system of Government that we were taught - rather than what was reality. And the reality is - the dream is failing, the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches are operating on in-fighting because that is what they see the citizenry doing. Our branches realize that we, ourselves, don't know the answers to the problems that plague our country - and as such, they don't have to know, act, think or do anything that might jeopardize the gravy train that we have allowed them to board. The train that allows PAC's, Lobbyists, and the millionaire's club that IS the US Congress to operate. The train that ensures that you or I - the little people - nevermore will have our interests represented in our Federal Government simply because we can't afford to be a PART of our government - nor do they want us there.

So the blame does not rest with republican "Party of No", nor with the democrat "Party of Bleeding Heart Liberals"

It rests with us. The party of "They", and "they" are getting mad. The question is, what are THEY going to do about it.


lifewithryan said...

Absolutely, Amen! We agree on something :)

Very well spoken -- so when are you running for congress? :)

JO said...

LifewithRyan - can't afford to run for congress! Don't have enough money to even make the first round of cuts ;-).