The end of Summer….

The end is upon us – at least the “traditional Labor Day” end  of the time known as Summer.

I can’t say that I am happy to see the Summer of 2011 leave; nor can I say that I am all that sad.  As it usually does, this past summer seemed to fly by in a haze of activity, and yet much of that activity had no bearing on it being summer.

Rather than recount, word by word, all of the goings on over the past three months – I thought a recap of the Summer of 2011 would be better served in pictures.  Of course, this will also save you from a 4000+ word essay – see how nice Mrs. Oz can be?  So without further ado (and with much ado about nothing, right?), I bring you…

The Summer of 2011

The good…..

The Good

From top left, row by row….
10th anniversary dinner for a Breast Cancer survivor, the King at his favorite park, the College Boy meets his new cousin, the King learns to ride a bike, Great Aunt Oz meets her new great niece, Dad and the King at Fossil Park searching for devonian treasures, the King at bat, the College Boy passing along life lessons to the King, the College boy and King as one of them heads out to college, the King in his new blowup pool, the King still Rides, The King ready for 2nd grade, Swim Lessons for the King, Happy Fourth of July, and “I love a parade” in the small town downtown of our City.

The Bad and Ugly

The Bad

Of course, with the good comes the bad.  As most of you are aware, the College Boy was in an accident back in may.  While it was not his fault (he was hit from behind), it still caused a summer that we would not ever like repeated.  The accident took this healthy kid, and knocked him down with a L4/L5 rupture in his back (along with a bulging L5/S1), and made for far too many trips to the hospital for him.  A cane, two surgeries, one additional admission, two trips to the ER.  That…and a forever scarred back. 

So there you have it.  The Summer of 2011.  Leaving this weekend via Labor Day….and like I said before, not sad (nor happy) to see it go.  Time marches on. 

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