Grandparent Interview–with the King

Yesterday the King had a visitor in his 2nd grade classroom.  It was grandparent day at school – and his Grandpa came to watch his program and eat lunch with him.

One of the things they did together was a “Grandparent Interview”.  I thought I would share the questions and answers between Grandpa and King.

What do you remember about school?
I lived right across the street from the school.  I was always late!

What subject did you like best?

Where did you eat lunch each school day?
At home.

How did you get to school?
Walk to the corner and cross with the crossing guard.

What did you like to play when you were my age?

Can you think of anything that has been invented since you were born?
Everything since dirt – Grandpa is 84 years old.

Good times … good times.

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