With great joy, anticipation and yet trepidation

The College boy returned to his Neuro Doc yesterday for a 6-week post surgery follow up for his second back surgery from the Summer of Hell, 2011 style. (For those of you “not in the know”, he was in an auto accident back in May, dealt with a major ruptured disc, had it operated on, had an immediate re-rupture, and underwent a second operation to fix). 

The doc was pleasantly surprised at how well College boy was doing.  He released said college boy to go back to “life” as he used to know it….

Of course, College boy had one more question for the doctor.

Can I take the ice and return to Hockey – at the college level (ACHA).

After pondering for a moment, the Neuro said “I don’t see why not…it is something you love…and most of the athletes that I have operated on, hockey players included, return at this point in their recovery”.

College boy struck the largest grin I think I have ever seen him make.  He proceeded to dance in the exam room, at the check out counter, in the car….and who knows, he may still be dancing now.

To be honest though, my heart sank a little.  Because while I am thrilled that he appears well enough, and while I have always looked forward to him playing this game, I fear his return to the ice – because I fear his return to the hospital with the frightening and overwhelming pain that I witnessed over the summer.  Like I said, with great Joy.Anticipation.And yet Trepidation.

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