He’s (his) Baaaaaack

My trepidation is still there - Yet so far, it appears that the gods of Bauer are with the young paduan College Boy, as he took to the ice this past weekend for his College’s first ever hockey games. 

Running a short bench (9 skaters and a back up goalie, less than two full lines), everyone expected the team to try really hard – and consider the trying to be a success.  The boys were having none of that though. 

It seems that the coaching staff conditioned these boys well – almost like a team twice their size!  Rather than 9 skaters, they had a team…a true team. 

Hence, they struck early and often in their first game – and recorded the College’s first ever hockey WIN!  Taking the ice the second night, it sounded (yes, the Oz Hockey Family was listening on the Web) like the skaters were struggling with exhaustion…yet they solidified their first weekend of play as the little team that not only COULD but DID – and held on through an exciting third period to win their second game in school history with a 5-4 victory.

Those gods of Bauer?  Smiling on Broke-Back College boy, he ratcheted a goal just into the second period of the first game.  He took some big hits.  He landed some big hits.  He set up camp in front of the net as a Winger. And his back?  Well, he reports to his Hockey Mom that it is “all good”. 


You can read more about the weekend’s games (AND their short bench) online at the Mason City Globe Gazette or the Albert Lea Tribune.  More info about Waldorf Hockey can be found on their Warriors site.    And if you love to listen to hockey on the radio…their home games are broadcast online at KZOW.

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