The Pirate King

Arghhhh Mateys.  For an hour each night, the King becomes a pirate. It appears that perhaps his left eye doesn't want to do any work, and hands it all off to his right eye.

Most of us are eye-specific dominant, but when one eye decides that it wants to sit back and let somebody else do everything, it  messes with perception, reading, and such.  And it appears to the King's eye doctor that his left eye is just this sort of couch potato.  Hence, the nightly patch to shut off the right eye.  Gotta make the brain and the left eye work for it, you know.

Of course, the King is not thrilled; after all, when you cover the eye that is seeing for you, it makes things very difficult!  BUT, he was happy to hear that the Doctor prescribed lots of game playing on the computer, game boys, Mr. Oz's phone and such.  After all, it gives him the excuse to play games after homework time, dontcha know.  Who knew that all of those "timewasters" are actually good "eye-trainers", right?  Certainly not ME!

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