Because my Sister LOVES Math Ka-BOOOOMS

The King (a Second Grader) brings home a weekly "Magic Math" paper from the "Math Rules!" 25 Week Math Challenges by Barbara VandeCreek.  These are done "above and beyond" the daily class room activities.  Some use logic, some use "everyday math"....they are all supposed to be a challenge for the kids - and make math fun.

I am no math genius, I leave that to my sister out on the West Coast.  BUT...the King takes a bit after his Aunt, and is very logical when it comes to math - taking the "next and final steps", rather than going the easy route.

His Math Rules! Sheet for last week included a problem that had a chart where "Jeff" read pages.  On Monday, he read 11, Tuesday - 7, Wednesday-13, Thursday-17, Friday - 11, Saturday-13, and Sunday 12.

The questions for the chart were "somewhat simple".

  1. How many pages did Jeff read on Monday?
  2. On which day did Jeff read 14 pages?
  3. On which day did Jeff read the most paes?
  4. Add the Sunday data to the chart.
So, let's walk through the answers.

Monday, Jeff read 11 Pages.
14 pages were read on Thursday
Jeff read the most pages on Thursday
Stuff added to chart.

The King turns in the paper.  We get it back.  Turns out there was NO day that Jeff read 14 pages - the answer was NONE.

Oh reaaaaallllly.  Really?  Because when I initially asked the King about this question before he turned it in, he said "Mom, Jeff read 14 pages on Thursday, and then read three more".  Note, the question wasn't "On what day did Jeff read ONLY 14 pages"...it was simply on what day did Jeff read 14 pages - and the King is right - he DID read 14 pages on Thursday.

I sent the paper back to the teacher with the explanation for the King's answer.  Her response?  "I love that he was able to explain his answer to you!".  Um yes, he was - and by the way, his answer is correct.  KABOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

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