Did you ever have a day that you wanted to avoid?

If I could, I would avoid today like the plague.  See, after putting it off for, quite literally years, I am heading off to the dentist to begin a long, painful process of having teeth pulled, partials placed, and such.

Like most, I hate the dentist.  No reason - other than having spent tens of thousands of dollars to "save" teeth that are now not saveable anyway.  Oh, and like everyone else, there is just something wrong about setting up an appointment that you know will result in immense pain.

BUT, I have walked the boyz through appointments that they didn't want to go through.  It would be pretty hypocritical of me to keep putting this off for myself, dontcha think?  (Oh, that and the fact that one of the teeth is pretty painful right now, so well...)

I am thinking that I need some luck...and a few prayers right now...but mostly - I need a sedative.

See you on the other side.

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DF said...

Offering prayers for an uneventful visit.