A draft breakup letter……with Web 3.0

Dear Denizens of the cloud/social media Elite (specifically Mr. Zuckerberg and the Facebook Team, and my fine friends at Google);

As much as it pains me to do so, I believe it is time for me and my advertising profile to part ways with your particular piece of the cloud.  The coming storm is far too great – a tsunami of my personal information getting ready to be unleashed on my unsuspecting friends.  Oh, and their friends too.

No, it isn’t your latest rollout.  It is the ever ensuing (forced) “Timeline” roll outs.  The heavy integration with Yahoo.com, Spotify, and their ilk gives you complete control of what I view, see and do on the web.  You say “No, that is not true”, and yet one cannot opt out of this feature on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Spotify,  and the list goes on. 

I recognize that every relationship has its ups and downs.  You do things I don’t like.  I learn to “deal”.  I do things to annoy you.  You learn to “deal”.

But every relationship comes with mutual trust, and quite frankly, I have placed far more trust in you than you have earned. 

Yes, my “information is already out there”.  I am an active participant in Web 2.0.  Yet,  your push to a sociably cloudy future in what is sure to be dubbed web 3.0 seems to be one that removes users control and ownership from any of their personal lives, aka their personal intellectual property.  A veritable cornucopia on display.  I cannot and will not allow it. And while I recognize that your services are “free” to the user; it suddenly seems like they come at far too high a cost.  My life is not Open Source.


Momma Oz

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Anonymous said...

OK... a couple of questions. First, does this mean that you aren't going to be on FB anymore? 'Cause for those of us on the other side of the pond, that sucks. Second, for those of us who are less technically savvy, could you explain the whole web 2.0/3.0 thing? Is that old FB/new FB? Finally, in all of this, I am comforted by one simple fact. With the copious amounts of data that they are going to collect, who the hell is going to go through all these "my mom grounded me" posts to find out your secret chicken recipe? We all become market research data. I mean most of these establishment guys can't even figure out how to put an appointment in their Outlook...
Flying Monkey #3