Tripped in a Gopher Hole??

Three weeks ago, I was outside for a moment when I heard the sickening scream of a child who was suddenly hurt.  Knowing that the King and Eldest son were playing football in the back yard, I immediately took off in that mad dash that only Mom's know.  As I rounded the corner, I saw the Eldest racing to a King who was writhing on the ground in pain.  (Yeah, I was that fast).

Turns out - as many of you facebookers know, the King broke two bones in his hand - well, a possible third was broken as well, but as the Ortho said "whats the difference - 2, 3 - it casts the same".

How did it happen?  Let's use King's words, recorded for all posterity.

"My brother and I were playing in the back yard, and I tripped in a gopher hole, and that is how I got here".  

Very true - to a degree.  But does he have to say it - exactly like that - to EVERY medical person we come across?  Because holy hell, could it sound ANY more rehearsed?  (Boys, I tell ya).

He indeed was playing with his brother.  He was running and went down in a mole run, fell and and landed on the back of his hand (take your thumb down to your wrist, so that your hand is folded down to towards your inner arm - then think about landing on the back of your hand).

As such, a three week hiatus from Wrestling has ensued.  Plus whining about "I want this cast OOOOOFFFFFFF"  Yeah, well....me too.

BUT...with any luck at around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, I will be able to update this post - and the King will be CAST FREEEEEEEE.  Because, this Mama, is about tired of kids in casts....

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