The Worker of Wood....

Mr. Oz has been spending a lot of time of late working in his small, yet burgeoning wood shop downstairs.  He has been turning all kinds of things - testing out his artistic visions and his artistic skill.  I thought I would share a few pieces that he has completed over the past few months.  (note that most of these were completed in the past month or so - on his lathe....but a few of them were completed via hand carving).

For a guy who claims he is not that "artistic"...well....you can judge for yourself...
Turned Hand Mirror #1 View (Back)
Turned Hand Mirror #2 View (Front)

Turned Bracelet for a Niece - Purpleheart

Turned Goblet - Purple Heart

Baby Rattle (Turned) out of Purple Heart and Maple

First Turned Wooden Bowl - Padauk

Small Zebra Wood Box

Small Turned Box - Timborana

First "Turned" Baby rattle - Timborana

Magic Wand for the King. (Turned - Note that he first carved a
Magic wand for the Eldest....when the Eldest was 5) - Sycamore

Hand Carved (Mahogany) Baby Rattle - Ball in Cage

Hand Carved Ball in Cage rattle - Maple

Pretty Impressive - could an ETSY store be far behind?

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Beth said...

AWESOME pieces! And yes to Etsy! I love that site and I bet you could get lots of business off of it!