Facebook Musings

Posting this morning on a friend's status on Facebook - I was struck by the number of friends that I have that have friends in common with other friends.  Okay, did you follow that?  If you did, you might say "duh" Mrs Oz, it would make sense that you have friends in common with friends.  But this one is even weirder.

Here are the players:

Let's call friend #1 Thumper.  Thumper went to school and was close friends with Mr. Oz.  Mr. Oz and I went to two different schools.   His was in the "Big City" town connected to my "Suburban" town.  Thumper ran around with Mr. Oz and I when we were dating - and when we first got married.   She is an awesome girl - whom I have missed throughout our travels to Kentucky and Indiana.  (She is one of the reasons I am glad that Facebook connects old friends!).  

Let's call friend #2 Mrs. Earhardt (because she travels more than any woman I know - and I am freaking jealous of course).  Mrs. Earhardt and Mrs. Oz went to school together from a very young age.  Like Kindergarten or First Grade.  (Crap Mrs. E.....which was it).  We lost touch in High School....she went "North" and I went "South" (our local rival schools), and again, because of Facebook - we were able to reconnect.  

This morning I was commenting on both of their statuses (Stati??).  

First I commented on Thumper's Status.  Then someone (we shall call her TBB) commented.

Then I commented on Mrs. Earhardt's status.  Then TBB Commented.

Then I told TBB I was freaked out.  She laughed.

Oddly enough, these two friends of mine have more than one friend in common between them; especially because I don't think they know each other!  I guess the whole Kevin Bacon thing works....even on Facebook.  Interesting.

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