Flippin and Floppin

When the eldest left college this semester, one of the things that was established for him to do was to obtain a job (as well as work to get his butt back in school - but that is a story for another day).  For a while, he didn't really put forth any effort - much to the consternation of his Mom and Dad, but after a few boots to the butt, off he went to look for a position.  His hope was to get a job and make a few bucks.  Mr. and Mrs. Oz's hope was (and is) that by being forced into the "real world", he would remember just how easy the collegiate environment was.  A hope that he would learn that there is a better way.

That said, the eldest obtained not just one job, but two!  Flipping pizza dough at one location. Flopping burgers at the local Lovin' It place.  He is pushing about 40 hours per week, and is in a cycle where his days off are limited (or nil). 

Keep smilin' Eldest...Mrs. Oz knows food service isn't easy...but it can be lucrative and educational.

Ready to head out to land and deliver pizzas to the local schools. 
This one is a morning/afternoon position

Off on his first day to learn fries/hashbrowns....

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